Mohawk Valley – Two Weekly Spring Classes

We are thrilled to offer the Mohawk Valley community two weekly classes this Spring!

Cooperstown on Mondays


Canajoharie on Wednesdays

Please click on the images below for full-size posters.

About Sahaja Meditation:

Learn how to dissolve stress and completely relax, by silencing your mind.

Sahaja Meditation is a remarkable, yet simple technique. Learning and practicing this simple meditation technique reduces stress, increases wellness, and gives us the key to silence our incredibly active minds.

Join us at either of our two Weekly Classes this Spring. In Cooperstown, join us at Glimmerglass State Park every Monday at 5:30pm from May 1st until June 5th. In Canajoharie, join us at the Canajoharie Library & Arkell Museum every Wednesday at 5:30pm from April 12th until May 31st. All of our classes are designed for both beginner and experienced meditators by focusing on new techniques in addition to introductory learning. RSVPs are welcome, but not required.  It is recommended that you attend as many classes as you can, as each class will offer unique insight and information to help you learn to experience the benefits of meditation.

Our classes are theme-based, to help introduce each aspect of meditation in a simple and fluid manner. Each class will be unique, and focus on the experience of meditating in a group setting.  In addition, our classes will give you all the tools you need to begin and grow your individual meditation practice at home.

Our classes are always free, and open to anyone who is interested in learning how to find more life balance, and less stress.

See you this Spring!

To RSVP or learn more, please visit us on Facebook, or contact us

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