Meditation Options During this Unique Time

What an incredibly unique experience we have found ourselves in.
Individually, in our own spaces, yet collectively bound together by uncertainty, confronted with fear, anxiety, and the multiple challenges that unite us day by day.
While once we found it easy to predict, plan, and schedule our lives, the current health crisis has left us in a world, we now recognize, is unpredictable. Our mental health can suffer, depression can increase, and it all can take a toll on our relationships with others, and ultimately our relationship with ourselves.
Although much has changed in our lives, and we all struggle to meet multiple challenges, this crisis gives us the opportunity to grow to embrace and deal with the only reality that we know – the present moment.
Those of us who have attempted to meditate with Sahaja previously – facing our busy minds, seeking out the peaceful silence of the present moment – will recognize how Sahaja meditation is designed to help us handle the potential stress of chaos and unpredictability.
And as we now have time on our hands, right now is a perfect time to improve in our meditation practice. Below are a few skills easily achieved through Sahaja meditation:
Attention Control – Regardless of what is happening, what we hear, what thoughts are circling in our mind, we can ask ourselves – where are we directing our attention? Are we allowing our circumstances to increase anxiety, or can we witness what is happening, and focus on the positive aspects of life? Can we find peace within this experience? Can we find joy? By learning how we have the ability to direct where our attention lies, we find within ourselves the power to unleash positive solutions in our lives.
Stress Relief – When we develop the ability to guide our attention, we find ourselves less succumbed to any fear-mongering, anxiety-producing noise around us, or within our minds. We find ourselves increasingly able to sift through the factors that create stress, and engage in those thoughts and activities that give joy to ourselves and our environment. And that makes us better equipped to make productive decisions! Ultimately, stress relief is in our hands!
Creativity – When faced with limited resources, limited entertainment options, or an empty schedule, we can find ourselves facing the big B word – Boredom. We may find ourselves struggling to create exciting menus, experiencing the emptiness of watching endless TV or movies, or challenged to find creative ways for us, or others with us, to be engaged, entertained, and stimulated. Our source of motivation and inspiration can feel distant, or completely out of reach. Here’s a bit of perspective: the feeling of boredom is an opportunity.  When we choose to embrace our existing environment, refrain from judging ourselves, and find the ability to break from fears or expectations, we can begin to tap into the wonderful opportunity that exists within a hiatus from regular life. When we develop our skills in meditation, (and in specific, those qualities inherent to the 2nd Energy Center), creativity, inspiration, and the joy of the experience, ensues.
Satisfaction – The opposite of frustration lies in satisfaction. When we meditate, we develop the ability to embrace the present and find happiness within ourselves, within our environment, and within each moment. Whatever we have, however limited it may be, has the ability to give us joy. It has the ability to give us peace. And it has the ability to give us complete satisfaction. When we spontaneously recognize that complaining, or fighting against our present situation, has no benefit to our lives, the unsatisfaction and frustration within us will automatically reduce, and ultimately cease. What will be left is all that good stuff that somehow we keep missing out on.
So how do we further develop our skills? How do we grow in our ability to be stronger embracers of the joys of the present moment?
The practice of Sahaja meditation – simply learning how to be in the present moment – will give you all this, and more.
You’ve got time now, so what’s your excuse?
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Still looking for more?
Reach out.
We encourage you to share the struggles and triumphs of your meditation practice.
Until we can meet again,
Wishing you blissful thoughtless meditations,
and the joys of reaching the deep peace of the present moment,
– Your Sahaja meditation instructors
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