Continued Learning

SahajaOnline is an incredible online resource to continue learning about the Sahaja practice. SahajaOnline offers extensive opportunities to learn about the elements of this fascinating, transformative practice.

On SahajaOnline, you can read more about the connection Sahaja has with the following:

Mental Health, Physical Health, Self-Improvement, Career & Professional, Thoughtless Awareness, Natural Remedies, Spirituality, the Subtle Energy System Guide, and more.

Furthermore, SahajaOnline’s blog offers regular articles delivered to your inbox on topics pertinent to your meditative interest – a perfect companion to your journey.


YouTube is a fantastic option to catch-up on, delve deeper into, and simply watch archived meditations. Here are a few channels and playlists we would recommend.

SahajaOnline’s Channel

MeditateUpstate’s Channel / 8-week Meditation Series

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