The Meditation

There are many choices out there. Many different ways to relieve stress and combat the negative effects of our hectic lifestyles. So it makes sense to wonder — what’s the big deal about meditation, right?

Not all meditations are created equal. Most promise great benefits and many even deliver the feeling of relaxation, but what you want, as a discerning shopper, is to choose the technique that will deliver the best lasting results, and not break the bank in the process!

Sahaja Meditation is like nothing else you have tried before. It begins at the end. Most practices will chip away at our layers of stress, bad habits, and negative thinking, to reach an ultimate goal of bliss and peace. Sahaja Meditation begins with the peace, and then works backwards to transform you into a better person, completely effortlessly and naturally.

Instead of training your mind to focus on an object, practicing breathing, or twisting yourself into postures, Sahaja Meditation allows you the chance to do nothing.  That’s right.  No memorization of mantras, or affirmations.  Nothing.

The quality that is so unique about Sahaja is that it awakens an energy that actually does the work for you.

And it’s free. All you have to do is give it a try.

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