Your Meditation Options

All Sahaja Classes are always and absolutely free.

In the current global pandemic, all Sahaja classes are currently offered online. There are multiple online options with Sahaja – some of which are listed below.


1. Attend an Online Live Guided Meditation taught by Upstate NY Instructors.

Classes on MeditateUpstate are taught by a variety of Sahaja instructors from Upstate NY and are offered on the Zoom platform. Classes listed on Meditate Upstate’s Class Calendar are designed for all levels, but lean towards the beginner level. Classes are designed to ensure attendees get established in their Sahaja practice, spending more time in meditation, and some time learning about the practice as well.  Private intermediate classes are also available via Meditate Upstate. Contact Us for more information.


Ready to try an online class on MeditateUpstate?
1. Check out the Meditate Upstate Class Calendar
2. Save the events you are interested in to your calendar. Details for joining each class are in the class description.
3. Please Register before attending your first class
4. Be ready a few minutes before class begins, to ensure you are technically ready to join the Zoom session.


2. Attend an Online Live Guided Meditation at

Sahaja Online is a wonderful online platform to learn about, and get deeper in your Sahaja practice. The site is full of valuable information, and daily live guided meditations, taught by instructors from all over the world, will help you get introduced to, and become established in, the Sahaja technique of meditation. Classes are usually offered every day of the week, and vary in level from beginner, to topic-focused, and more. There are multiple experienced instructors​, and classes are continually growing in size! Check out the Class Calendar on Sahaja Online, RSVP for the class/es you want to join, and be ready a few minutes before class begins, to ensure you are technically ready to join the Zoom session. Click Here to Begin


3. Join an online class taught by local teachers from NY, NJ, and CT

While local in-person Sahaja classes are currently on hold, teachers from the larger Tri-State area are offering online classes almost every day of the week. The tri-state online class schedule is available by clicking here.


4. Begin your learning by watching archived videos

It is always best to attend a live class, but there are various available options to help introduce you to, and deepen your Sahaja practice on Youtube. Take a peek at those options by clicking here.


If you have any technical issues joining any Online class, please contact us

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