Guidelines for Using the ZOOM Platform

1. Click on the ZOOM meeting link you received. Skip to #2.

(If you do not have the ZOOM meeting link, you can go to, or open the ZOOM app and enter the Meeting ID; skip to #4 below)

2. After clicking on the ZOOM meeting link, yoi will be taken to a prompt to download the ZOOM app if you are on a tablet or mobile. Download the ZOOM app if you are on a tablet or mobile.

3. If you are on a desktop/laptop, clicking on the ZOOM meeting link will take you to the browser window (Safari/Firefox/Chrome).

Note: Mac laptops will give you the option to download the ZOOM application on your desktop. Downloading the app is recommended for a seemless experience.

4. If you get to a window that says “Join a meeting” you may enter the meeting ID number

for Tri-State daily meditations, the meeting ID number is 602 107 127

5. You will then have the option to enter your name before you enter the room. Do enter your name if you are comfortable doing so. Even your location will be nice to give the room the feeling of geographic collectivity, (if you are comfortable)

6. You will have the option to Join Audio and Video. If you would like everyone looking at you (like a video chat), then “start Video”. Otherwise, keep your video off

Note: your video is off if you see “Start Video”. Your video is ON if you see “Stop Video” 🙂

7. Your audio is ON if you SEE the option to “mute”
Your audio is OFF if you see the option to “unmute”

8. If you have questions or problems, use the CHAT option if it is there. If the CHAT option is not there, click on “RAISE HAND” and you will be unmuted by the host.

9. Make sure your device volume is on so you can hear the guided meditation.

It may take a few classes to get used to this online platform (both for you, and for the instructors!) so enjoy the ride of learning together how to meet and be together collectively in a digital space 🙂