Our Instructors

Meditate Upstate’s Instructors have diverse experiences with, and styles of presenting, Sahaja. No two classes are the same – each class is designed to respond to the needs of the attendees present. Each Sahaja class partially consists of learning about the fundamentals of the Sahaja technique, and mostly consists of time spent in the practice of meditation, through live guided meditation sessions. Each Sahaja instructor has a unique approach to ensuring your learning and meditation experience are both qualitative and transformative!

We look forward to meeting you in an Upcoming class soon. In the meantime, please get to know our instructors below

Amit Bhutani

Amit is a husband and proud father of two young kids, and a Vice President at a multinational organization. Amit was introduced to Sahaja Meditation in 2002. Amit has committed himself to help seekers, who know there is more to life than they see and experience on the surface. Amit offers weekly meditation classes in the Buffalo area. He loves spending time in nature, working in the garden, enjoying his backyard pond, and helping & taking care of his family.

Melanie Pandit

Melanie’s 25+ year meditation practice and teaching brings a fresh approach to reach the state of thoughtless awareness, despite our busy lifestyles. Melanie is an avid traveler, primarily in the Indian sub-continent, and has studied or worked in the fields of Asian Studies, Dance, Refugee Resettlement, Arts & Education, and Pregnancy & Birth Support. A mother of two, Melanie spends her free time gardening – truly enjoying the beauty of nature easily found in the countryside of upstate New York.


Sachin Bhamare

Sachin is an IT professional and longtime Sahaja Meditation practitioner. Sachin was introduced to Sahaja Meditation by his mother in India. He was also fortunate to learn Sahaja directly from the founder, Shri Mataji. He finds Sahaja immensely helpful in all aspects of life, enabling him to see life situations from various perspectives. Sachin leads regular weekly meditation sessions in Rochester, NY where he presently resides.

Michael Fuselli

While originally a big city dweller, a yearning for open spaces and nature brought him to upstate NY. Presently working as an IT professional, Michael has worn many other hats over the years – from transportation and construction to office management, education and administration. He’s spent much of his free time organizing or supporting nonprofit program and development objectives in areas of stress management, art and secondary education. Michael’s deep interest in self-knowledge and desire for self-mastery led him to the practice of meditation, nearly 40 years ago – a practice at the core of all his life’s endeavors and pastimes.

Vaibhav Dingare

Vaibhav has been practicing Sahaja Meditation since 2007. His goal with Sahaja is to reach as many people as possible so that everyone can enjoy the benefits and life that this meditation practice has to offer. Professionally, Vaibhav is a Nurse practitioner in a primary care clinic. He was born and brought up in India and is now living in Poughkeepsie, NY. Vaibhav welcomes everyone to Sahaja Meditation and looks forward to connecting seekers on this journey of integration and enlightenment.

Diana Rothenberg

Diana has been practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation for over 20 years.  She will share with you how Sahaja has impacted her life in her sessions.  She is the mom of two and grandma of 4 and has been in the education field throughout her adult life.

Deepak Awhad

At a very young age, Deepak was introduced to Sahaja and has since been regularly meditating and enjoying the journey of truth. Though known as an average student in his academics initially, his journey has taken him to completing one Masters Degree in the United States, and is currently completing his second Masters degree in Project Management. He currently works as a consultant for a well known Pharmaceutical Industry in the Capital Region of NY. He enjoys learning to play Indian percussion (Tabla) in his free time.

Nisha Joshi

Nisha is an educator and STEAM Coordinator who also has a deep knowledge of health and wellness. She started practicing Sahaja at a very young age, and has never looked back. She makes an effort to focus on the wellbeing of her students, and has also taught targeted meditation classes for students with ADHD. Nisha has been teaching Sahaja in schools and two schools have incorporated it into their curriculum. Nisha is a master in the culinary arts and she loves spending time with the people she loves.


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