The Culture of the Spirit – Concert and Music Fest

What a wonderful day it is.  The birds are singing their glorious morning raga, and I am reminded that today is The Culture of the Spirit – Concert and Music Fest at The Egg at the Empire State Plaza, in downtown Albany.

Culture of The Spirit Festival - June 29 - The Egg - Albany The Tour, which will be visiting 7 cities along the East Coast between today and mid-July, is a wonderful union of music and dance from various cultures around the globe.

It is self-described as the following:

“The Culture of the Spirit Tour features captivating music, dance, theater and realization performances by an exceptionally talented group of artists from around the globe. In this multi-media production, the dynamic musicians of Indialucia as well as virtuoso dancer Anandita Basu, masterful actors of the Theater of Eternal Values, and talented North American artists will transport the audience into a state of wonder. The Culture of the Spirit Tour blends electrifying rhythms of fusion, flamenco, and eastern music and dance styles. The Culture of the Spirit program has an unparalleled and uniquely interactive audience component that promotes and enhances the experience of self-awareness and joy. All performances will be offered free of charge.”

Flamenco Guitar, Sufi Vocals, Classical Indian Violin, Vocal and Harmonium, Dance, Theatre, and a whole lotta fusion.  What a beautiful union of cultures, of music, dance, and language.   I’m not gonna miss this, and I hope you’ll join me.

Free Tickets can be booked at, and tickets will be available at the door as well.

Find out more at



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