Class Resources

Once you have attended a class, and begun to learn the Sahaja technique, there is a wealth of information that will be helpful to support your learning.

We recommend you use the following resources alongside your meditation practice to become more familiar not only with the primary meditative experience, but the incredible technique behind it.

Weekly Course Readings:

1 – Introduction to Meditation & Meditating at Home

2 – Bringing Meditation Home – Basic Practices & Relaxation Techniques

3 – Additional Techniques – Daily Meditations

4 – Chakra Chart – What’s It All About

5 – The System Within – Inner Energy, Chakras and Energy Channels

6 – Establishing The Roots – The 1st Energy Center

7 – Focus and Clarity – The 2nd Energy Center

8 – Seeking and Satisfaction – The 3rd Energy Center

9 – Establishing Security, Use of Music – The 4th Energy Center

10 – Communication and Collectivity – The 5th Energy Center

11 – Thoughtless Awareness & Complete Mental Silence – The 6th Energy Center

12 – Integrating It All – The 7th Energy Center

13 – Moving Forward – Sustaining & Deepening in Meditation

Research, Publications, & Articles:

PLOS – Increased Grey Matter Associated with Long-Term Sahaja Yoga Meditation_ A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study

Australian Complementary Health Association – Researching Meditation

Australian Family Physician – Why Meditation?

Can Meditation Reduce Work Stress?

Intervention Insights – Meditation, mindfulness and mind-emptiness

ISUS – Changing Definitions of Meditation- Is there a Physiological Corollary?

Neuroscience Letters – EEG Research and Sahaja Meditation

Neuroscience Research – Effect of higher state of consciousness Thoughtless awareness on psychological health

University of New South Wales – Does Meditation Have a Specific Effect?

Using Meditation for Less Stress and Better Wellbeing