“Sahaja Meditation is the best thing ever happened in my life. I love meditation because in this stressful world I can feel balanced and relaxed” (GW, Buffalo)

Class Experiences

“Excellent Program – Thank You!” (LC, Cooperstown)

“Really Helpful & Relaxing” (TD, Johnstown)

“One of the many best experiences I’ve had was feeling the cool breeze both on my hands and at the top of my head. The first time I felt it is an experience that I cannot forget.” (SP, Buffalo)

“Thank you for the information and meditation session this past Saturday. I really enjoyed it and am thinking / trying to think and be in a more meditative mindset. It was very helpful to have you lead the meditation and explain each of the stages more in depth, because when I try to mediate I feel like my lack of knowing these things more in depth doesn’t allow me to fully experience it.” (GE, Johnstown)

“I enjoyed the class and I am glad I drove from Rome to attend. You do a very good job explaining a difficult topic.” (KH, Rome)

“Very Nice & Helpful” (JM, Canajoharie)

“I Enjoyed my first class very much. And found it both relaxing and informative!” (MP, Canajoharie Class)


“Loved this class – It has helped me to sleep, and better handle a stressful day” (NS, Fort Johnson)

“I would like to suggest meditation to everyone because once you learn how to quiet your mind the doors will close behind your all of your problems and the new doors will open to a beautiful and happy life. Meditation will awaken your soul and you will be able distinguish more intuitively between right and wrong. You will be more calm and relaxed in stressful situations. Your life will be flowing effortlessly like a river around those rocks and obstacles.” (GW, Buffalo)

“I know there have been positive effects on my life since I started meditating. I feel different, in a good way.” (KB, Canajoharie Class)

“The benefits I gained from the meditation group are amazing: I felt much calmer and more stable in stressful situations; my family became happier since I do react to problems more calmly and without anger; I felt more balanced and relaxed with my very active boys (You know the mother’s life can be very crazy) and my intuition became much stronger. The materialistic things become less important to me and I am starting to understand what life is about. It is all about creating Heaven on this planet and it is all about love and compassion.” (GW, Buffalo)

“I have noticed that everything I do related to Sahaja Meditation, I find nothing but pure joy. And meeting people in Sahaj is very special, just listening to their experiences and getting to know them is quite an amazing thing.” (SP, Buffalo)

“I am learning to stop struggling and fighting to get my own way. Amazingly, by letting go and relinquishing the need to be in control, I am getting more of what I want. I attribute all of this positive stuff to meditation – and the way it has changed my thinking.” (KB, Canajoharie Class)

Words of Thanks

“Thank you for the wonderful gift of meditation!” (The Masonic Care Community, Utica)

“What you have brought to the community and taught me has been of such value to my life.“ (GE, Johnstown)

“Thank you for offering this series of classes – I am very grateful.” (KB, Canajoharie Class)

“I thank you ever so much for all you’ve given us! Employees really seem to love the classes.” (Mohawk Valley Wellness Program, Utica College)

“I wanted to thank you for doing what you do and offering the free classes and so much more to help people and share this very special knowledge. So Thank You!” (GE, Johnstown)

“Just wanted to say ‘thank you'” (BK, Canajoharie Class)

“I am still trying to make time for meditation and have been inspiring and informing my friends of this wonderful practice. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for all that you do.” (GE, Johnstown)

“I want to thank you for the time you put into teaching us to meditate. I’m sure all who attend are receiving so much enhancement that can only benefit their lives going forward. Enjoy this holiday season and may you and your family receive all of the blessings that God has for you and us all!! Look forward in class’ next year!” (RJ, Canajoharie)

“I think of things all the time that I attribute to meditating. Again, I say, Thank YOU.” (KB, Canajoharie Class)

“Since the class first planted the seeds of my realization of my chakra system, I have grown in many ways, and am able to tap into this energy to help improve my life.” (GE, Johnstown)


If you have already meditated with us, we invite you to share more details of your experience with Sahaja Meditation by clicking here.

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