Online Classes

All Sahaja Classes are always and absolutely free.

​1. Attend an Online Live Guided Meditation at

Classes are usually offered every day of the week, and vary in level from beginner, to topic-focused, and more. There are multiple experienced instructors​, and classes are continually growing in size! Check out the Class Calendar on Sahaja Online, RSVP for the class/es you want to join, and be ready a few minutes before class begins, to ensure you are technically ready to join the Zoom session.
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2. Join an online class taught by local teachers from NY, NJ, and CT

As local in-person classes are currently on hold, teachers have begun offering online classes as well! These classes are at 7pm EST on Weekdays, 11am on Saturdays, and 1:30pm on Sundays. Class details are listed on the Calendar Page on
If you have any technical issues joining any Online class, please contact us

Additional Resources for your continued Sahaja learning:

Learn more about the Sahaja meditation practice

As you delve into the experience of meditation, learning about the elements of the practice is a fascinating complement to your meditation.

On Sahaja Online, you can read more about the connection Sahaja has with the following:

Mental Health, Physical Health, Self-Improvement, Career & Professional, Thoughtless Awareness, Natural Remedies, Spirituality, the Subtle Energy System Guide, and more.

You can also follow along with what you have learned in our past weekly class series via the Class Resources page